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About Us (and about some clock and watch owners!)

With a lot of the clocks and watches handled, I believe that we are merely custodians of them. It is the intention of many owners to pass these down to succeeding generations and rightly so. The quality of the work takes precedence over the length of time it takes to achieve the work an individual item requires and deserves. Like cars, clocks and watches are 'machines' - with moving parts, metal on metal contact, there are lubricants (or should be! often long since evaporated!), there are contaminants, there is sometimes inappropriate 'lubricant' in inappropriate places! There is wear! Unlike cars, it is often expected that clocks and watches should run almost indefinitely. Not only that, they are usually expected to function 24 hours a day seven days a week, all year around and for many years! I have know of many many instances where owners are extremely proud of the fact that their clock or watch has never had any attention in 30, 40, 50 years or longer. Imagine the owner of a nice car, say, a vintage Bentley, being proud that it had never had so much as an oil and filter change!! Usually, clock and watch owners / custodians, only think about getting any work done on their clock or watch, after it has ground to a halt! Consequently, there is often a lot of wear to contend with, often on a long-since obsolete clock or watch. Cars on the other hand generally have a cushy life - they are often used for less than 12 hours a week and get regularly serviced!!

Each individual piece is just that - individual and with different needs. Some items I deal with are less than a year old, some date from the 17th and 18th centuries. Often with a few clocks requiring more hours than anticipated, there is the inevitable knock-on effect. Please keep this in mind if your clock is taking a little longer than originally estimated. It's better to spend the extra time on it in the long run.

As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

A few Touch local / Scoot quotes.

Excellent service!

I contacted Martyn with a "rush job" for a birthday present - and he pulled out all the stops... A small and not particularly valuable clock but with great sentimental value was treated to a top quality restoration. A beautiful balance of clean and shiny and original and old was kept with great sensitivity, and the birthday girl was delighted, saying she was a little child the last time she saw it working. Martyn's obvious enthusiasm for his work made collecting the clock from his workshop a pleasure too! Many, many thanks!

Jo B.

Stephen E

We were impressed from the start with the receipt showing a picture of our 200 year old clock and some of the maker's history! The work that has been done seems to be of a high standard and some of the older repairs have been much improved as well. We received a detailed invoice, again including a picture, this time of the finished clock, and a small bag of, well, rubbish really! A worn out steel thing and a bent spring - things that had been replaced. Clock looks great and runs well. V pleased.

Stephen E.

A thorough job done

We were delighted with the service we received from Martyn at Wollaton Clock Services. We didn't think we would ever hear the chimes on our clock ever again, but with Martyn's skill and patience it is now ticking merrily away on our wall once again. We thank Martyn for a great job done.

Joan H.

Martyn brought our clock back to life

Martyn exerted his considerable expertise to resurrect a French Mantle clock my wife inherited. It now looks and sounds beautiful. It needed considerable work including restoring a worn ratchet wheel yet, despite short notice, Martyn completed the work in time for the clock to be a birthday present. Martyn is also very pleasant to deal with and charged reasonably so I would recommend his services to anyone wanting a clock repair. Note: The above should probably be all 5 stars but we haven't had the clock back long enough to give this rating.

Alan S.

Re: Invoice No. 0110329

Dear Martyn,

Please find enclosed cheque for £295 for repair of my Minerva chronograph watch.

I can't tell you how delighted I am, particularly given the sentimental value it holds. ........

Best wishes, Dave B (Claycross, Derbyshire)

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.





By appointment only.

A Note about timekeeping.

Regarding the time keeping or accuracy of a clock or watch, in this digital quartz age, people’s expectations of their clock or watch often far exceeds what the clock or watch is capable of, or was ever capable of, even when new.

With use, clocks and watches will wear and not all of it can be ‘corrected’. Their rate is likely to be less consistent as a result, especially if a new mainspring is no longer available (most are). With watches, it can be expected that positional error will increase with age and wear and when all else fails to improve further, a compromise tailored to the wearing habits of the user is often the best way forward.

Ever since I was called out to a clock which was apparently ‘gaining rather a lot’, timekeeping to the nth degree cannot be covered under guarantee. Instruction and/or advice is given for any final adjustment the owner might feel is necessary, when the clock is returned. (Watch's - please leave well alone and get in touch if adjustment is needed.)

It turned out that her clock had gained 10 minutes in total from the time I set it up 7 months earlier. She had never thought to put it right. Any reasonable person would agree that to gain only 10 minutes out of the 302,400 minutes it had run since she had it back, was good going indeed, in fact, less than 3 seconds per day! Keep in mind that the clock in question was in inexpensive 30 year old Hermle!