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Clock Gallery (More examples to be added later!)

30 hour longcase - full restoration including the dial.

'W. Potts & Sons - Leeds'. This fell off a wall - total restoration including old type glass with distortions. Featured in a hardback book about the history of Potts Clock Makers.

A rather splendid triple fusee bracket clock.

A carriage clock,110 years old but spent the last 30 years in a leaky shed!

One of the most unusual longcase clocks I've seen in many years! (Wooden 'double' barrels)

Dial restored on the above clock ('James Brewer - Cheadle' approx 1760).

Car Rev counter with clock - 1950's?

8 day longcase by 'T Barnes - Leicester' around 1815. Restoration, including part dial.

Watch Gallery (More examples to be added later!)

Silver 'J.W. Benson - London' pocket watch, approx 1910.

Sample Invoices.

Sample Receipt.

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